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Reading material!

 - by Aurora

Cover of bookI say “reading material” like the little kid does in The Mummy Returns when he goes in to the gross train bathroom, HA!!

I just finished this awesome book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I’m so glad that school is finally starting to wind down for the semester that I have time to catch up on my to-read booklist. I’ve always LOVED books but in recent years haven’t read as much as I used to, or rather I haven’t read books I WANTED to only books I HAD to for classes. I’m trying to remedy that though by keeping a steady stream of to-read books available at home and at work now that I will have some down time.

This one woman was the source of cells that would continue to multiply and scientists used them to develop the polio vaccine, and conduct research into countless diseases and genetic issues that have greatly helped modern medicine. Sadly she never knew what they took from her body as she lay dying from cervical cancer, and for decades her family never even knew nor ever saw any sort of compensation. To hear their family history tore at my heart and I found myself close to tears a few times. Even all of the scientific “mumbo-jumbo” was easy to follow and the author presented it in a way that didn’t turn me off, being the non science lover that I am. It all was actually very fascinating!

Next on the list which I hope to start reading after my last class presentation tomorrow: The Little Book by Seldon Edwards which my dad recommended to me. All I know is that it is a novel about TIME TRAVEL, one of my favorite subjects, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

Another sign I’m getting old :)

 - by Aurora

So I’ve started wearing a hat whilst walking around campus in an effort to keep the sun’s rays from making more freckles and wrinkles.  I’m sure I look like a nerdy old broad in this sea of  youngin’s who, like me when I was their age, the furthest thing from their mind is how the sun can make you wrinkly and spotty hehe.

Well THIS broad does not want to look like a 32 year old handbag so yaaaaay for big hats!

And another Jeopardy year bites the dust…

 - by Aurora

Frak!! I just finished taking the online Jeopardy test for this year and HOLY CRAP it was way harder than usual!! I think I do pretty well on them and don’t get called so methinks I’m DEFINITELY not getting called this year after this poor showing! :( :( I wanted to give myself a good kick in the pants too for blanking on Edith Piaf’s name! I’ve got her music, I’ve seen La Vie en Rose a bajillion times, and I can even sing her “Milord” song in French yet I completely blanked when trying to answer a question on her, bah!

Oh well, I was still quite impressed that I didn’t blank on the element symbol for lead, Othello’s arch nemesis, and that Libya is the country that borders Chad to the north.  I guess Greg will have to sink a half court hook shot to get me on the show (anyone? anyone? What is a quince?!) :)

I’ll get you next year Trebek!!

Image of Alex Trebek with SNL quote

I DID have myself a merry little Christmas

 - by Aurora

This winter break turned out to be one of the best in recent memory! I think that was largely due to the fact that I was able to spend quality time with most all of my family. Usually I need to pick and choose, either go to Arizona to see dad and fam, or go up to Orange County to see mom and fam. This year fortunately I was able to do both, spending Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house as usual for mom’s side of the family festivities, with my brother also driving in for the occasion, and going to Phoenix to my dad’s the day after Christmas to spend a couple of days there. On Christmas day we were able to spend time with Greg’s family here in San Diego, so we both got such great quality time with all of our families, it was awesome! With a week off of work as well, I was able to do all kinds of relaxing.

I got my first ever big girl jewelry, a sapphire necklace and I LOVE it thank you honey! (Photo is a bit blurry bleh)

Image of Sapphire necklace

Lounged around in my jammies and new fuzzy slippers

Image of my warm and cozy feet

Read the new book I wanted (yay something not school related!)

Image of Hedy Lamarr book

Played some old school Nintendo on the Wii

image of video game

And rang in the new year with my one and only

All in all a great winter break!