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Reading material!

 - by Aurora

Cover of bookI say “reading material” like the little kid does in The Mummy Returns when he goes in to the gross train bathroom, HA!!

I just finished this awesome book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I’m so glad that school is finally starting to wind down for the semester that I have time to catch up on my to-read booklist. I’ve always LOVED books but in recent years haven’t read as much as I used to, or rather I haven’t read books I WANTED to only books I HAD to for classes. I’m trying to remedy that though by keeping a steady stream of to-read books available at home and at work now that I will have some down time.

This one woman was the source of cells that would continue to multiply and scientists used them to develop the polio vaccine, and conduct research into countless diseases and genetic issues that have greatly helped modern medicine. Sadly she never knew what they took from her body as she lay dying from cervical cancer, and for decades her family never even knew nor ever saw any sort of compensation. To hear their family history tore at my heart and I found myself close to tears a few times. Even all of the scientific “mumbo-jumbo” was easy to follow and the author presented it in a way that didn’t turn me off, being the non science lover that I am. It all was actually very fascinating!

Next on the list which I hope to start reading after my last class presentation tomorrow: The Little Book by Seldon Edwards which my dad recommended to me. All I know is that it is a novel about TIME TRAVEL, one of my favorite subjects, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

Kid memories!

 - by Aurora

This past weekend we went up to see my mamacita to help her start packing up her apartment to move to another one. She needed a lot of help since not only does she have her own stuff, but she still has all of our crap from when we were kids that we’ve left behind :) I definitely wanted to take my stuff with me to have for memories, and some of it maybe use for if I have kids one day, I mean really there’s no better board game than the Sweet Valley High one ha!

Image of Sweet Valley High board game

I was a huge Rainbow Brite fan, and I remember staring out a balcony when I was about 5 looking out in the sky wishing I could go and visit Rainbow Land! What, it’s not real? I came across one of the two Patty O’Green dolls I had.

Image of Patty O'Green doll


I also wanted to keep my big red bear with matching crayola crayon piggy bank. I remember my dad won me this bear at the Fairfax County Fair when I was but a wee lass, so it was a favorite of mine. I love my papa!  The crayola crayon piggy bank was my go to bank every summer when we’d hear the ice cream truck coming by. We’d be outside playing, I’d hear the bells, then race up to my bedroom to empty out the contents of the crayon, then ice cream sandwiches galore!

Image of stuffed red bear

I’m also taking home my old school uniforms (pretty much every imaginable shade of plaid), kid clothes, random toys, all of which I will hold on to dearly as I loved my childhood <3 We lost a lot of our kid things over the years so I’m so happy my mom still had some of this stuff!

100 Year Anniversary of Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

 - by Aurora

Image of factory buildingThis March 25th marks 100 years since the history changing Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire claimed the lives of 146 people, most of them young immigrant women. It was largely due to this tragedy that the labor code of New York state was transformed and stricter fire safety measures were adopted that would serve as a model for the entire nation. Also, factory working conditions and safety became a priority for many agencies who would see that they were also strictly monitored.

This event in our nation’s history first came to my attention when I was watching a documentary of the history of New York City a few years back. It really struck a chord with me, because of the young ages of the girls who worked in the factory, that they were poor immigrants and the fact that so many of them could have been spared had their escape routes not been locked by greedy owners, and had they even had a WORKING fire escape. Sadly, these people perished, some by jumping from the top floors of the factory building because the fire had spread so quickly.

At SDSU there will be a concert hosted by the Jewish Studies Program commemorating the event this Wednesday the 23rd. It will be held at Rhapsody Hall in the Music building, I’m going to try to attend but dagnammit I have class so we’ll see… For more info on the event go to: