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Kid memories!

 - by Aurora

This past weekend we went up to see my mamacita to help her start packing up her apartment to move to another one. She needed a lot of help since not only does she have her own stuff, but she still has all of our crap from when we were kids that we’ve left behind :) I definitely wanted to take my stuff with me to have for memories, and some of it maybe use for if I have kids one day, I mean really there’s no better board game than the Sweet Valley High one ha!

Image of Sweet Valley High board game

I was a huge Rainbow Brite fan, and I remember staring out a balcony when I was about 5 looking out in the sky wishing I could go and visit Rainbow Land! What, it’s not real? I came across one of the two Patty O’Green dolls I had.

Image of Patty O'Green doll


I also wanted to keep my big red bear with matching crayola crayon piggy bank. I remember my dad won me this bear at the Fairfax County Fair when I was but a wee lass, so it was a favorite of mine. I love my papa!  The crayola crayon piggy bank was my go to bank every summer when we’d hear the ice cream truck coming by. We’d be outside playing, I’d hear the bells, then race up to my bedroom to empty out the contents of the crayon, then ice cream sandwiches galore!

Image of stuffed red bear

I’m also taking home my old school uniforms (pretty much every imaginable shade of plaid), kid clothes, random toys, all of which I will hold on to dearly as I loved my childhood <3 We lost a lot of our kid things over the years so I’m so happy my mom still had some of this stuff!

Quality time with my Apa!

 - by Aurora

The other day I went to my grandparent’s house to hang out for a bit. Usually I just meet them at a restaurant for breakfast but I had some time and just went to kick it old school style with them. Old folks are SO CUTE!! So my grandpa ended up showing me his CD collection that he made and it was cute how proud of it he was and how excited he was to show me everything.

He had bought a stereo that allows him to record from vinyl to CD, so he’s gone through his huge record collection and made a ton of mixes on CD, then finds cool pictures and designs from magazines to use for CD covers. So cute he is!

I DID have myself a merry little Christmas

 - by Aurora

This winter break turned out to be one of the best in recent memory! I think that was largely due to the fact that I was able to spend quality time with most all of my family. Usually I need to pick and choose, either go to Arizona to see dad and fam, or go up to Orange County to see mom and fam. This year fortunately I was able to do both, spending Christmas Eve at my aunt’s house as usual for mom’s side of the family festivities, with my brother also driving in for the occasion, and going to Phoenix to my dad’s the day after Christmas to spend a couple of days there. On Christmas day we were able to spend time with Greg’s family here in San Diego, so we both got such great quality time with all of our families, it was awesome! With a week off of work as well, I was able to do all kinds of relaxing.

I got my first ever big girl jewelry, a sapphire necklace and I LOVE it thank you honey! (Photo is a bit blurry bleh)

Image of Sapphire necklace

Lounged around in my jammies and new fuzzy slippers

Image of my warm and cozy feet

Read the new book I wanted (yay something not school related!)

Image of Hedy Lamarr book

Played some old school Nintendo on the Wii

image of video game

And rang in the new year with my one and only

All in all a great winter break!

My wonderful grandparents…

 - by Aurora

… recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. 60 years!!!!! Holy canolies, that’s a milestone that not many reach! I had meant to write a little bit about them the other day when I went up to see them, but then school threw up on me and fast forward three days later I finally have a minute to commemorate my Ama and Apa.

Image of Pedro and Margarita

It seems like just yesterday we were throwing them a big bash for their 50th wedding anniversary. Us grandkids got spiffied up in tuxedos and bridesmaid-like dresses, my grandparents in bride and groom type attire and we did a renewal of vows ceremony at a church. My aunt booked a banquet hall at a local hotel, DJ and all, to throw my grandparents a surprise reception after this ceremony. I had worked many hours on a video for the occasion, scanning in decades worth of photographs to have a video montage of their life together play at the reception. I remember feeling so proud at the fact that here were my grandparents, reaching a great milestone of love together, and we were lucky enough to be able to witness it.

10 years later, I am lucky enough to still have my Ama and Apa here, still in love, celebrating now 60 years of marriage. That number still blows me away, such a long time! They are the light of my life and I love them very much. I went up for my usual Sunday breakfast with them and we took them to a nice buffet to celebrate. I wish we could have done something bigger, but with certain family health issues going on and busy schedules it was hard to get something going. Still it was nice to be able to tell them congratulations, and spend some quality time whilst we stuffed our faces with mexican food.

My grandma is HILARIOUS and such a ham. Usually you can’t get her to look at the camera, let alone smile, so I laughed when she sported a funny pose for this one (I also love how my grandpa and uncle look like they’re in a mexican food coma):

Family breakfast fun

That’s my favorite thing about my grandma, she is so unbelievably funny and can crack a joke at the drop of a hat. Hmmm maybe that’s why they’ve lasted so long together, cause they keep each other laughing! Felicidades abuelitos!!

Carnival’s cruise director has quite the witty blog

 - by Aurora

Image of John HealdJohn Heald is the Cruise Director of the Carnival Splendor, the cruise ship we all have heard a lot about this past week due to it being stranded at sea. This is the same cruise ship that we sailed on back in September, and Heald for me was just the bloke that would occasionally pop in on the intercom to give us updates and random cruising news. I also personally thought that his cruise director show they had on the TV was a little boring, so I didn’t really give him much thought.

Upon reading some of the news stories about the Splendor being stranded, I came across a link for Heald’s personal blog. I have now decided that the man is HILARIOUS.

He’s got some funny code words for certain things, my personal favorite being “rumpy pumpy” for sex, HA! I’m going to have to start using that one. In another post he was commenting on how sick he felt that day, and how his nose was so clogged that “it’s been trapped up there for so long I am thinking of hiring those brave men who are rescuing the poor trapped miners in Chile to build a tunnel up my nose and drill a hole.” HA!

There was another post I came across that actually made me quite sad though. Apparently last month a member of the Splendor crew committed suicide by jumping from the ship. He was never found :'(. I pictured the various faces of some of the crew that we were in regular contact with, like our dining room servers, our steward that was so funny, etc. and knew that really this person who jumped could have been any one of them. Sadness.

Heald updates his blog daily, and I feel like I’m going to pop in an check it out pretty often. I’m sure a part of it is that the Splendor has a soft spot in my heart as it was my very first cruise experience, and I LOVED it, so hearing about it’s voyages and crew via this blog is awesome. If you want a funny read check it out at: