So this blog is a product of me not really using myspace as much anymore, and therefore not using my myspace blog. I of course LOVE Facebook, and please find me on there if you are my friend and have an account as that has way more stuff and is kept constantly up to date. :) But anywhoo, Facebook notes weren’t really doing it for me, so I have finally started a little bloggy blog!

More than anything I think I just wanted a way to document my feelings, my life, a bit o’ myself somewhere to have for posterity. I’d like to think that years from now I can look back on these memories and smile, laugh, reminisce. God forbid if something were to happen to me, I’d like to think this would be a way for my loved ones to hold onto a little bit o’ me.

xoxoxo! love and hugs to all! :)

My Addictions:

  • Anything from the 20s/30s/40s. I’m obsessed with the films, the music, the style!
  • Starbucks green iced tea
  • Disneyland
  • 80’s hair bands
  • General merriment


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